A Special Day

hair // il: 27/02/2018

A Special Day

the Spring/Summer 2018 trends

The spring / summer 2018 trends Which are an absolute must.
Seventies-style fringes are back with arrogance, like Bardot bangs, Cleopatra or Amalie style; a middle parting or a blast from the Nineties - tidy and shiny.
Lightness and semplicity take over... the cut is more democratic: the SHAGGY LOOK is the alternative to the Classic bob and lob; a mix between a nineties bob, and a rivisitation of the MULLET... ideal for all types of hair, from straight to curly.
The Forelock has its importance, from WET TEXTURE, like on the Armani catwalk, or mat and gritty like in the Last GUCCI SHOW.
It is a Wind world where anything goes like " Messy hair", for a woman free to interpret her style. The hair is light, and uncumbed a contemporary inspiration exalting female beauty and the powers of a woman’s seduction, keeping her up there where she belongs... on a pedestal.

Link: www.aldocoppola.it

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