notizie // il: 27/09/2016

" A Journey among the Stars"

New Trends A/I 2016-17

When the Art and Woman merge a star is born that radiates light on its way.

A beautiful woman, regardless of age, is an enhancement always present in every moment of life.

Bright colours,shades and play of colours that light up the face, light and dark that together create the new shatush effect "FREE's BE".

The trend A/I 2016-17 rush to freedom:to choose,freedom to manage your hair creations that are inspired by grunge, paths towards the future that recall the past:dishevelled,vintage,shabby chic...FRINGE MODE ON,catering for all.

A small gesture that radically changes the look...for a woman who abandons the bondage of perfection to give vent to creativity.

Fonte: Aldo Coppola